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Cryptographic hashes for Bifold

Hashes for "Bifold"

base64: Qmlmb2xk
md4: 4d7aab4e10e1bd89f4a50f8c5821d273
md5: c6b25cf1ba00ae1490ca9f538b9e710c
sha1: 45e4319f3d80c6d36f429d034d8429a7d62f7702
sha224: 4072164068f2942587e088bc5e5869699f1365eb3ffb1a863e091ead
sha256: 3f63e92a07fe727c7b01bdac825708e5d571327e864bdc3bbca97dcd37f110c4
sha384: abfb6350cc94ce77c5878610b81d8953cf854ee744247ae41c714bbd9c8fa6d66130ce6f77f114e3f55f41f0cb96091f
sha512: 244d3d572d197fbc163a36334867ebcde4bb8b8b9948462ab25701ec6c6e1481e188ab2453203156e0d10949da6c406896703cd8829527674ff50b7b7ec05a78

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