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Cryptographic hashes for parquet

Hashes for "parquet"

base64: cGFycXVldA==
md4: 6eadfa1ae99cc2e7645be264e1822480
md5: 5c8844a97bf2298a6724856911dde080
sha1: b70aff7bfa0051bc947c2850bce03450f6b3acec
sha224: 529c06686988ced51a19b0bbb0cebd7920473b68673bc9a909f6501f
sha256: 37a0fe5ae24a60682faa103d3808c86efe98a83dd414af81d9b01eef26a3be87
sha384: c7713139a229428af574091917e55a6d760d2384e429fe0cb78f576fd5c2f7cb26a30bdc9bb71192ca406c49631a4fe9
sha512: 5903c9370fb4c75800b8d30d36df0456a157aba3125ae252e5621a639c3750d98be87c527b8a214c98adfa0b2902f4e7e8f548f29d8716c6afe57f2e415ca894

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