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Cryptographic hashes for safety

Hashes for "safety"

base64: c2FmZXR5
md4: 07ba65bf75195f8f71376a079f47d814
md5: 381ff09422ad9d637f7c4677297b0303
sha1: be6c324c05dd1f470c9abe52412c5edbb6d297be
sha224: efb813a31edab79611b48d8af0c997fb81a9d3e482404fcf5d9b14a8
sha256: 856e8bd358ece398c72f1003391aef5d1cd4fb9146e9f280b86290ce670b5afc
sha384: 0d5dbf6f4e821fed65ca80b8e73db4a4e10e69e1d982a6f6e07e93bc123ddc6be0a02d80d89623b2b5e356b30426b88c
sha512: 729b3244cf3ef43c23b10e113224e3866b4b7cbee26d1a9507f9bfb55991d3b81514c309c0a5b86d25ad434c3534452105d6040f8db34b7286fa21c0b463681c

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