Pentel QE405 - Pencil Perfection


This page is dedicated to the Pentel QE405 which is quite simply the worlds most perfect writing utensil. It was a mechanical pencil produced by Pentel during the 90's. It is currently out of production. Due to this fact a small cadre of loyal fans still follow and track QE405 sightings and share locations about where to purchase the world's few remaining QE405s.

The QE405 is a .5mm mechanical pencil. It should not be confused with the QE407 which is a .7mm mechanical pencil. Otherwise the two are identical.

Reasons the Pentel QE405 is so fantastic

It appears that Pentel has brought the QE405 back from the grave. Much like the mythical phoenix rising from the ashes the QE405 is available again in limited supplies. The Twist Erase Frost is the QE405 re-released in new colors. The Twist Erase Frost changes the number a little. The Twist Erase Frost is a QE405FX where the X is a letter indicating the color.

There is a Pentel QE405 Facebook group!


Much like the Matrix a person cannot be told of the Pentel QE405's perfection they must experience it for themselves. Bear this in mind when sharing your QE405s with friends.

Places to purchase the QE405
Last Updated: 2009-02-11