Current Version: 0.9.6

GCount is a graphical web counter and logging script. I developed GCount because I wanted a graphical web counter for a page I was working on. I wanted one that I had some control over, one that offered some flexibilty. I wrote GCount from the ground up to be functional and quick. I hope that is what is has become.


View the ChangeLog and see the most recent changes made, or read the INSTALL file for installation instructions.

I am looking for any and all counter images that any of you want to contribute. The images need to contain the digits zero through ten, equally spaced out. If you want to contribute please email them to me.

GCount requires the followin: PHP 5.6+, GD 2.x (included with PHP), and SQLite (included with PHP).

You can download the latest version of GCount as a tar.gz Simply follow the instructions found in the INSTALL file and you should be up in running in no time. GCount features 80 available typefaces to use on your counter, view all the availble typefaces online!

Scott Baker


Note: This counter uses a random typeface each time you load the page to display functionality. One of the many options allowed by GCount. Also you can click on the counter to get a report of whose viewed this site.