Simpsons: Marge be not Proud

Episode 11 of season 7 of the Simpsons is titled Marge be not Proud and is one of my favorite classic episodes. Bart gets caught trying to shoplift Bonestorm because his family won't buy it for him for Christmas. I did a freeze frame on the video game case and found these hilarious video game titles.

  • Swim Meet
  • Save Hitler's Brain
  • Canasta Master
  • Operation Rescue
  • a Streetcar Named Death
  • Bonestorm
  • Angus Podgorny's Caper Toss
  • Celebrity Tutopsy
  • Robot Stampede
  • Sim Reich

For the record, I would play the heck out of both Save Hitler's Brain and Angus Podgorny's Caper Toss.

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