Microsoft Office vs OpenOffice

Let's start off by saying I'm a big OpenOffice fan, so perhaps this entry is a bit biased. Microsoft Office came preloaded on my new laptop so I thought I'd load it up and check it out. I open Word and the first thing it says is "Need to install components please insert CD." I chuckle a bit and change my mind, thinking I'll get to it later when I have time to track down the CD. In the meantime I download and install OpenOffice in about 10 minutes.

When I track down the CD I load up Word again ready to pop in the CD. I click OK this time instead of Cancel and instead of asking me to insert the CD it copies the files from somewhere on the hard drive. Why ask me for the CD if you didn't need it? Then it pops up the "Enter CD Key" dialog. I always hate CD keys they're so frustrating. I had to enter it twice just to get it to take. Is that an "eye" or an "ell", a "zero" or an "oh" Ugh!

I finally get the key entered and Word loads. Woohoo! I think to myself, "that was really more complicated than neccessary," and I load up OpenOffice next. No install windows, no CD key, just a white page waiting for me to start writing.

OpenOffce 1, Microsoft Office 0

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