Cisco transfer protocols?

How long has Cisco supported new transfer methods? scp? https? That along with USB ports on modern routers makes getting images on to routers easier than ever.

Router#copy ?
  /erase          Erase destination file system.
  /noverify       Don't verify image signature before reload.
  /verify         Verify image signature before reload.
  archive:        Copy from archive: file system
  bootflash:      Copy from bootflash: file system
  cns:            Copy from cns: file system
  disk2:          Copy from disk2: file system
  ftp:            Copy from ftp: file system
  http:           Copy from http: file system
  https:          Copy from https: file system
  ips-sdf         Copy from current IPS signature configuration
  null:           Copy from null: file system
  nvram:          Copy from nvram: file system
  pram:           Copy from pram: file system
  rcp:            Copy from rcp: file system
  running-config  Copy from current system configuration
  scp:            Copy from scp: file system
  startup-config  Copy from startup configuration
  system:         Copy from system: file system
  tar:            Copy from tar: file system
  tftp:           Copy from tftp: file system

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