Perlfunc: pfile()

PHP has a handy function named file() that will read the contents of a file into a variable. I wrote a quick Perl version of the same function.

sub pfile {
    my $file = shift();
    if (!-r $file) { return ''; } # Make sure the file is readable

    my $ret = '';

    open(INPUT, "<", $file);
    while (<INPUT>) {
        $ret .= $_;
    close INPUT;

    if (wantarray) {
        return split(/\n/,$ret);
    } else {
        return $ret;
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Diego 2010-09-25 05:15am - - Logged IP:


Perl has a read_file() function. AFAIK you have to install an extra module, but it is as easy as running "cpan File::Slurp".

use File::Slurp;
my $file = read_file( $file );

Regards, -- Diego

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