Perl: detect if a module is installed before using it

I wanted to check if a Perl module was installed at runtime, and error out accordingly if it wasn't. This allows me to print intelligent error messages if a module is not installed.

eval { require Weird::Module; };
if ($@) { die("Module is not installed\n"); }

This allows you to create runtime functions depending on which module is installed:

# Debug print variable using either Data::Dump::Color (preferred) or Data::Dumper
# Creates methods k() and kd() to print, and print & die respectively
    if (eval { require Data::Dump::Color }) {
        *k = sub { Data::Dump::Color::dd(@_) };
    } else {
        require Data::Dumper;
        *k = sub { print Data::Dumper::Dumper(\@_) };

    sub kd {

        printf("Died at %2\$s line #%3\$s\n",caller());

These functions should mimic some Krumo functionality.

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