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It's not about priorities. It's about budget allocation and constraints. There is a common misunderstanding between many governmental systems, charities, and other non-profit organizations.

The public tends to think that their school has X amount of money and that money is in one big pile that they can spend on anything. The public assumes that teachers, overhead, and operating costs should get paid first, then schools can buy fancy new computers, renovate buiildings, etc...

Unfortunately, that's not how budgets work 99% of the time. School districts often receive large gifts and grants from individuals and organizations that they are contractually obligated to spend on certain goals/objects. Joe Schmo didn't give Y school district $1,000,000 to spend on anything; he gave them $1,000,000 under the conditions that the money is spent on school equipment for the kids (i.e. laptops, desktops, textbooks, playground equipment, etc...). He can exclude or include any specific item or place for the funds to be used. School districts occasionally have local taxes levied for them. For example, my area (about three school districts) imposes a 1% additional sales tax on its citizens. The 1% collected HAS to be used on school renovations, period. The money cannot be used for anything else. In a similar manner, one of the three school districts is putting to vote a tax that would raise property assessment tax by $0.20/$1,000. That money HAS TO BE spent on upgrading school playground equipment, and the school has outlined a 7+ year plan of fund implementation for specific schools within the district.

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