SSH: Transferring large files between hosts

I need to transfer several 10+ gigabyte files between two internal Linux hosts. The easiest way is to use either the scp or sftp. This will encrypt the transfer which can slow things down. There are several ciphers available that you can use to speed things up. Using modern OSs (Fedora 27, CentOS 7, FreeNAS 11) I wanted to find the best cipher to standardize on. The fastest cipher supported by all of my operating systems is

You can use with scp and sftp like this:

scp -c
sftp -c

To use an alternate cipher with rsync use this command:

rsync -avP --rsh="ssh -c" /source/dir

Honorable mention goes to aes128-ctr as the second place contender. If for whatever reason isn't available it would make a good alternate choice.

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