ZSTD compression level with tar

I've been using zstd more and more for general compression. Using it with tar is pretty straight forward:

tar -I zstd -cvpf /tmp/etc.tar.zst /etc

This does not allow you to set the compression ratio however. After some digging I found an environment variable that controls the default compression level. If you run tar like this you can change the default compression level.

ZSTD_CLEVEL=19 tar -I zstd -cvpf /tmp/etc.tar.zst /etc

GZip has a similar variable, but it will allow any command line variable (not just compression ratio).

GZIP=-9 tar -cvzpf /tmp/etc.tar.gz /etc

Update: You can also use ZSTD_NBTHREADS to use more CPU cores.

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Tudor Georgescu 2020-12-11 08:47pm - tgeorgescu@... - Logged IP:

It has to be:

ZSTD_CLEVEL=19 tar -I zstd -cvpf /tmp/etc.tar.gz /etc

Otherwise, it will be saved to the file -I.

Rishabh Arya 2021-04-15 04:24am - No Email - Logged IP:

We can specify the compression level within the command itself:

tar -I "zstd -19" -cvpf /tmp/etc.tar.zst /etc

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