List of Dune Characters and Locations for my reference

Dune character and location notes:

Item Description
Duke Leto Atreides Leader of the Atreides, Paul's father
Lady Jessica Paul's mother, Bene Gesserit concubine to Leto, bears a son against the wishes of the Bene Gesserit
Paul Atreides Main character, son of Leto and Jessica. Fifteen years old
Bene Gesserit Sisterhood of "witches" who seek to gain political power, addicted to spice
Caladan Ocean homeworld of the Atreides
Arakis Desert world, home of the spice melange, setting for the entire book
Gurney Halleck Troubador Warrior, skilled in the use of the baliset, loyal friend to Leto
Thufir Hawat Old Mentat, master of assassins that has served house Atreides for many years
Duncan Idaho Swordmaster of the Ginaz, one of Leto's right hand men
Dr. Wellington Yueh Betrays Duke Leto
Princess Irulan "Narrator" of the book. Each chapter begins with one of her short diary entries
Sardaukar Elite military force of the Emperor
Fremen Local peoples of Arakis, glowing blue eyes
Mentat Human "computers", vast memories, ability to organize lots of information
Muad'Dib Small desert mouse, Paul later adopts this as his Fremen name
Kwisatz Haderach Male Bene Gesserit who can bridge space and time, result of breeding program
Liet Kynes Planetologist assigned by the emperor to assist in transition of Arakis
Salusa Secundus Harkonnen prison planet
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