PHP: Increment a hash variable in an E_NOTICE friendly way

I have a hash that contains counts for a bunch of stats. Unfortunately you can't just increment a hash like: $hash['key']++ and have it be E_NOTICE compliant. If that key does not exist in the array and you try and increment it you will trigger an E_NOTICE alert. I wrote this quick increment implementation that will allow you to increment a non-existing key.

$hash = [];

incr($hash['key']); // Inits to 1
incr($hash['key']); // Sets to 2

// Increment a variable (E_NOTICE compatible)
function incr(&$i, $value = 1) {
    // If the value is already there add to it
    if (isset($i)) {
        $i += $value;
    // If the value isn't there, just set it initially
    } else {
        $i = $value;
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