Perl: Glob recursively

I wrote a simple function to let you glob a directory recursively. It's limited to a single path/glob pattern, but that's good enough for now.

use File::Find;

my @files = globr("/etc/*.cfg");
sub globr {
    my ($str)       = @_;
    my ($dir,$glob) = $str =~ m/(.*\/)(.*)/;

    $dir  ||= './'; # Only a glob, so assume current dir
    $glob ||= $str; # No dir only a glob: *.pl

    # Find all the dirs in the target dir so we can recurse through them later
    my (@ret, @dirs);
    find( { wanted => sub { if (-d $_) { push(@dirs, $_) } }, no_chdir => 1 }, $dir);

    # Go through each dir we found above and glob in them for matching files
    foreach my $dir (@dirs) {
        my @g = glob("$dir/$glob");
        push(@ret, @g);

    return @ret;

See also: Find files recursively

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