Getting to know your family questions

  1. What kind of student were you in HS? Jock? Nerd? Straight A student?
  2. What was the most trouble you got in to as a kid?
  3. What was the most trouble your kids got in to?
  4. What is your favorite memory of your parents from when you were a kid? Traditions? Favorite meals?
  5. What was your favorite family vacation?
  6. What was your first job after HS?
  7. Did you want to have a big family yourself?
  8. Who is your parents favorite child?
  9. Where did you meet your significant other?
  10. What was your college experience like?
  11. What was the worst thing you ever did to your siblings as a kid? Or they did to you?
  12. Who has an interesting story I should talk to?
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