PHP: Serializing data to save it for caching

I need to cache some data to disk between PHP requests so I decided to compare the various methods available.

Using 100000 element array as source data

Serialize save: 2.958 ms (1.5M)
Serialize read: 5.447 ms

JSON save: 1.880 ms (574.96K)
JSON read: 6.876 ms

PHP save: 8.684 ms (1.7M)
PHP read: 26.863 ms

Memcache set: 5.651 ms
Memcache get: 2.465 ms

IGBinary save: 1.377 ms (720.08K)
IGBinary read: 2.245 ms

MsgPack save: 1.389 ms (359.92K)
MsgPack read: 2.930 ms

I was surprised to see IGBinary and MsgPack so much faster than native JSON. JSON is easy and super portable, but not the fastest.

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