FTP Hacks

Someone changed permissions on our SpeedTest FTP here today.  So when I checked MRTG this morning we had about 5 times as much traffic going out of our webserver.  I checked it, and the anonymous FTP was going crazy.  Someone allowed anonymous FTP to download as well as upload.  So we became a gigantic warez dump.  10 gigs worth of DivX movies, and none of it was even good.  I'm really disapointed.  Now I have to clean it up.
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Anonymous 2001-08-01 01:43pm - No Email - Logged IP: unknown

damn that sux. 10GB of warez and nuttin good :D

Anonymous 2001-08-01 11:09pm - No Email - Logged IP: unknown

I was a little dissapointed myself. I was hoping for Planet of the Apes or something. Instead I get "Hannibal" in German. Lame!

pete 2006-04-29 11:12am - yesterdays_glory@... - Logged IP:

probably a little nipper who thinks he is a good programmer and hacker but can't do or write shit, my advice is upgrade your security and leave the fuckers to think about what they can do rather than pretend to do it.

Abihail 2010-06-25 04:41am - No Email - Logged IP:

May I ask, what's a nipper?

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