Mozilla and Java

It's amazing how simple things are when you do a little tiny bit of research. I've been wanting to get Java working in Mozilla for a while but I was always too lazy to actually look it up. Well I got it working after 2 minutes of research.

1. Download and install the Java 2 Standard Edition Runtime, version 1.3.0_02 or better, from Sun. You can download it from the JavaSoft web site.

2. Next, find the DLL file npoji600.dll. If installed in the default location, they should be in C:\Program Files\JavaSoft\JRE\1.3.0_02\bin\, but will vary if you installed it in a different location. Copy this file to the plugins folder in the Mozilla bin or Seamonkey folder.

3. The next time you launch Mozilla, Java should work.

For more information check this site out.
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