mod_throttle which I couldn't get...">

Bandwidth Limiting

I wanted to setup some bandwidth throttling to make sure I don't use too much bandwidth. I started out with mod_throttle which I couldn't get to compile on a couple of machines, and was sort of cryptic. I looked around for some help and couldn't find much.

Someone sent me mod_bandwidth which despite some weird documentation (it was in the code) it compiled just fine. I just a ./configure --add-module=/root/mod_bandwidth.c and then a make No problem... after that make some temp directories for it and some config changes. Do a BandWidthModule On and then put BandWidth All 1024 in your virtual host (or directory statement) and everyone only gets 1024 bytes per second. Really pretty simple. mkdir /tmp/apachebw mkdir /tmp/apachebw/link mkdir /tmp/apachebw/master chmod 777 /tmp/apachebw chmod 777 /tmp/apachebw/link chmod 777 /tmp/apachebw/master
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