Interesting take on MP3 sharing

"the bulk of the music industry's loss comes from the high amount of 'small-time" MP3 pirating."

Beware of assuming the precedent. Your statement about the industries "losses" assumes a tie to sharing over P2P networks, which is a fallacy (or at least an unproven hypothesis)

Attn Hillary Rosen et al:

First prove to me that the losses (if indeed there are any real losses in an industry notorious for cooking its books) are caused definitively by sharing and not by a combination of crappy music and poor management.

Then prove to me that file sharing networks are illegal per se, and not just that the actions of individuals are illegal.

Then prove to me that the industry's distribution plans are not monopolistic and illegal in themselves.

Then you can cross the bridge to the Holy Grail. Until then, argue about the air speed velocity of an unladen african swallow, because it's just about as relevant.
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