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After many search attempts I finally found a way to make proftpd not announce the version after you connect. A simple

ServerIdent off will cause your server not to identify itself when you connect. Optionally you can also do ServerIdent on "Welcome to the FTP server" And give it some flavor text to display on connect. Information found at this page.
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Anonymous 2002-08-06 06:42am - No Email - Logged IP: unknown

Yes, yes. ServerIdent off. ever try pure-ftpd?

Pretty secure (no known vulnerabilites YET (it's only been out for about a year or two)), pretty secure and really simple to use... and fast. K.I.S.S.

Lilac Echo

Anonymous 2002-11-22 10:40am - No Email - Logged IP: unknown

ServerIdent doesn't work with the 1.2.7rc3 :-(

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