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The latest kernel traffic is dedicated. Pretty funny.

This issue of Kernel Traffic is dedicated to the tireless folks over at the San Mateo County Mosquito Abatement District, without whom Silicon Valley (inhabited by many kernel developers) would be infested with dangerous mosquitos, ticks, and other deadly carriers of diseases like malaria, yellow fever, hantavirus and the plague. Forget about getting hit by a bus. What if Linus caught the Black Death!?!?!

Like the men in black, the agents of MAD are rarely seen or remembered. No one in their jurisdiction says, "boy, it was great to sleep through the whole night without getting eaten alive by mosquitos," mainly because there are no mosquitos around to complain about. But California used to be a mosquito haven, the likes of which you would not believe! I'm talking, big, mean mosquitos who absolutely would not stop until you were dead!

These dudes have the best job ever (as I recently discovered)! First, they get to fly around in a hovercraft. That by itself makes it worth signing up. The reason they need a hovercraft is because a lot of mosquito breeding grounds are in swampy areas that can't be reached by car or boat, or even helicopter in some cases. (of course, I'm secretly hoping they'll read this and offer me a hover, one day)

They also run around in level 3 biohazard suits, which, although not absolutely hermetically sealed, are still really stylish. They need the suits because, believe it or not, the black plague really is still very much alive, and is only kept in check by the tireless efforts of these selfless adventurers.

So this issue is for them. They rock big-time. Hats off.

Oh yeah. Saturday was also my birthday. Woo hoo!
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