Xine + Win32 Codecs

Xine is my new best friend! What a badass free media player! I highly recommend it to anyone whoa wants to play video of any sort! Out of the box the RPMS from plays Divx/XVid/M$-Mpeg4 just fine. I was totally stoked! In fact the only thing that I couldn't get it to play was some odd old videos that I had that were using some weird WMA (DivX) audio codec. I finally got Xine to play even those!

According to this part of the FAQ you just have to download some files and put them in the config dir. I'll give you my real world instructions to get Xine up and running for you.

The easiest way is to use the RPMS from and install them. You'll need to install several associated libraries just to get it installed, but they're all available from FreshRPMS. Alternately you can use apt-rpm to install Xine which might alleviate installing all the dependencies. Once you have Xine installed run it and enter the config mode (look for the wrench on the GUI). Make sure everything is set ok for your system and make special note on the Codec tab to the path to win32 codec dlls and extract the files there. Restart Xine and you'll be up and running.

A couple of keys that will be pretty useful: "g" hides the player, "f" goes to fullscreen mode, "enter" plays the file, and "space" pauses the file. Woohoo go Xine!

Update: The links are outdated, I recommend the following site to get your Win32 codec fix!
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