Aligning Tables in CSS

Trying to make a page XHTML 1.0 compliant I came across a problem. There is no align="center" in XHTML strict. So you're supposed to make your alignment in CSS but it's complicated. One would think you'd just do align: center but there is no align attribute. I ended up finding this instead.

.table_center { margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; }
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Anonymous 2003-06-03 01:35pm - No Email - Logged IP: unknown

Hmmm. I got to thinking. You might want to look into "float"

Matthew 2005-02-20 11:20am - No Email - Logged IP:


I've been trying to figure that out for a WHILE. Thanks so much! It worked =D

M 2007-10-03 11:35pm - No Email - Logged IP:

Thanks for that - was also trying to work that out - Cheers

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