Mounting ISO images in Linux

Want to get one file out of a big .ISO file? Or maybe you just want to see the contents of an ISO file. You can mount ISO file directly in Linux. Simple!

mount -o loop /path/to/file.iso /path/to/mount/point
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ali 2007-06-04 06:09am - No Email - Logged IP:

thanks dude

Tulip 2007-06-06 06:05am - No Email - Logged IP:

Excellent, just what I was looking for

kyma 2007-07-03 04:53am - No Email - Logged IP:

That's exactly what i was looking for!!! Thank you very much... Very useful!!!

phil 2007-08-22 06:41am - No Email - Logged IP:


Prefect 2007-08-30 01:29am - No Email - Logged IP:


Emilio 2007-09-28 06:39am - io@... - Logged IP:

thank you ! first result on google searching for "mounting iso linux"

neel 2007-11-10 11:38pm - neel.iitb@... - Logged IP:


John 2008-01-11 04:50am - No Email - Logged IP:


When I want to mount the ISO it says permission denied. Do you have any advice for me?

Thanks a lot

Andy 2008-01-27 08:44am - No Email - Logged IP:

Fantastic, just what I was needing!!! Thanks

Reybucs 2008-02-05 07:38pm - No Email - Logged IP:

Thanks for the info!

douglas 2008-03-06 03:52pm - No Email - Logged IP:

you must be SU or use sudo mount . . .

anon 2008-03-07 11:08pm - No Email - Logged IP:


jimbo 2008-03-10 08:25pm - No Email - Logged IP:


Morghan 2008-05-26 06:59am - No Email - Logged IP:

Thanks for helping me be lazy :P So much easier to google it than to use man mount.

jackson 2008-05-29 02:26am - No Email - Logged IP:

Nothing about being lazy in my case I couldnt' even figure it out with man mount:) Thanks for that though easy peasy;)

mmovses 2008-07-11 01:26am - No Email - Logged IP:


hintss 2008-11-08 01:18pm - No Email - Logged IP:

lets try for backtrack linux

meh301 2008-12-17 06:57am - No Email - Logged IP:

anything like that for .BIN images?

RK 2009-01-24 08:30am - No Email - Logged IP:

Perfect, always wondered how to do this :)

quanticle 2009-03-04 08:22am - quanticle@... - Logged IP:

One thing you maybe forgot to say was that the user needs to be root (or have sudo permissions) to carry out the listed command.

Anti 2010-02-11 04:37am - No Email - Logged IP:

And when I'm done with it how do I unmount it? sorry for the probably noob question.. Thanks in advance

manysounds 2010-02-28 09:09am - No Email - Logged IP:

When done: umount /place/where/mounted

all done

dokma 2010-07-10 03:32am - No Email - Logged IP:

Note that this will mount read only. If you want to be able to edit the ISO image you will have to use a short workaround as described here:

angry penguin 2011-09-09 05:05pm - No Email - Logged IP:

what the fuck is path to mount piont

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