GPG and PhotoID

To add a PhotoID to your GPG key is fairly simple. You'll want to edit your key, and issue the addphoto command.

gpg --edit-key 3C88C6DE Command> addphoto Pick an image to use for your photo ID. The image must be a JPEG file. Remember that the image is stored within your public key. If you use a very large picture, your key will become very large as well! Keeping the image close to 240x288 is a good size to use. Enter JPEG filename for photo ID: c:\download\foo2.jpg Is this photo correct (y/N/q)? y
To delete simply select the sub key, by typing it's number (in this case 2).

pub 1024D/3C88C6DE created: 2003-10-30 expires: 2007-01-01 trust: -/- sub 4096g/740F8517 created: 2003-10-30 expires: 2007-01-01 (1). Scott Baker <> (2)* [jpeg image of size 2653] Command> delphoto Really remove this user ID? y
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