11 Things You Don't Want to Hear From Linus Torvalds

11) I keep the kernel on my Windows XP machine, so I know it's safe
10) Well, to tell the truth, I got most of the kernel by hacking CMP
9) I am the penguin, goo goo g'joob
8) Has anyone seen my copy of C++ for Dummies?
7) Dude, this new version of Windows Media Player really kicks butt!
6) Should we place the .Net libraries in kernel 2.7 under /usr/local or /var/strange?
5) Man, that SCO ... it's sitting on a real gold mine!
4) Does anyone have a spare product key for XP Pro?
3) ... And the latest patch includes a demo version of Windows ME loaded automatically
2) I see dead penguins
1) Who wants to know what "ls -r / | xarg rm -f" does?
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