Fedora Core 2 - Test 1

The Fedora Core 2 test came out yesterday. I put our mirror server on the torrent and left it running for a while. It's been a little over 24 hours since the torrent started and we've already pushed 52 gigabytes of traffic. It's pretty much been pushing at least 500KB/s solid for 24 hours.

I checked the main torrent tracker and it shows that about 3 terrabytes of data has been sent since its release. Doing the math it comes out that it would require a little more than 21 DS3s maxed out solid to equal the amount of bandwidth that's been pushed. With 373 seeds on the torrent each connection is averaging 400KB/s.

Lastly, of the 3 terrabytes that's been pushed Web-ster has server approximately 1.8% of all the traffic. Our mirror server has been stuck at the full 10Mb that we allocated to it for the last 24 hours.
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