Holy crap is this LCD the sexiest thing ever. I got this LCD yesterday but only had an analog cable to hook it up. Today Isaac found the DVI cable, and after some fiddle with my xorg.conf I got the thing working great. Needless to say the driver was getting confused because I had both the DVI and the VGA cables plugged in. For $120 GeForce 4 this thing sure makes Linux look sexy, oh yes!!!

If you do get an LCD, don't even bother with the VGA, it's horrible. The digital DVI interface is 10x better.

Update: For reference it's a Dell 1702FP, and it's sexy. I posted my xorg.conf file for reference.
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Anonymous 2004-09-07 02:48am - No Email - Logged IP: unknown

I have been having a hard time getting x to work with my Dell 1702FP. I was wondering if you could post an example of your xorg.conf file. Thanks

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