Review: The Magician's Nephew

The Magician's Nephew opens with Digory and Polly sneaking into Digory's attic and finding his Uncle Andrew there. Uncle Andrew convinces them to take magic rings (one each yellow and green) and go in "the other world." Once there they find themselves in a marsh like area with many pools of shallow water that take them to yet other worlds when wearing the magic rings.

The first world they visit is the ruins of the old city Charn. They find a bell and a sign warning them not to ring it. Digory does anyway and it brings the evil queen Jadis back to life. They try and escape back to the gateway world, but the queen comes with them. She makes them take her to London where she leads Digory's Uncle on a wild chase through London. Ultimately a cab driver, a horse, Uncle Andrew, Digory and Polly end up back in the gateway world as the kids devised a way to get the evil queen out of London.

Next they enter another world that is completely dark until a lion begins to sing and the stars come out. Aslan the lion basically breathes life into the world as animals, plants, and the world itself are created from nothing. Aslan send Digory on a journey to get a special apple to absolve him for bringing the evil queen in the new world (Narnia). Polly, Digory, and the horse Strawberry (turned into a winged horse) fly to a far away mountain to get the apple. The queen arrives also and tries to convince Digory to eat the apple and ultimately condemn himself. He decides not to and travels back to Aslan to give him the apple.

Aslan has Digory plant the apple in the ground and a ceremony to crown the king and queen of Narnia (the cab driver and his wife) as the apple trees grows from the ground. Aslan gives an apple from this new tree to Digory to take to his mother to cure her of illness. He does this and plants the left over apple core in his back yard, along with the remaining magic rings. Years later the apple core grows into a tree and is blown down in a storm. Digory can't bear to have the tree made into firewood so he has the tree cut up into planks and made into a wardrobe.
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kake 2007-10-07 05:58am - No Email - Logged IP:

i think tat tis is a bery ood rebiew.

ret 2008-04-06 10:33pm - No Email - Logged IP:

that was a bad review that didn't really happen sorry

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