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Bush vs Kerry

As if I needed any more reason to not vote for Bush. I did some digging today and found that is running Windows and IIS 6.0. What is that guy thinking? He can't even get a decent IT guy to tell him that's not the way to go?

Now my man Kerry knows what's going on! His site is running RedHat Linux and Apache. There's a candidate with a good IT team backing him up. I think the facts speak for themselves. I simply cannot support a candidate that would chose IIS.
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Anonymous 2004-10-28 04:33am - No Email - Logged IP: unknown

You're a fucking nerd.


Anonymous 2004-10-31 08:30pm - No Email - Logged IP: unknown

Bush sucks, but IIS 6.0 rocks. Mainly because you can develop under it in real languages like C# not that pussy cgi-bin crap like perl or even fake-ass Java (pointerless C++ without the performance).

Linux/Apache is good for basically static websites (which I agree those two sites are mostly) except for a single page with donations, because it (Linux/Apache) are free.

Anonymous 2004-11-01 12:29am - No Email - Logged IP: unknown

Ok, that's retarded to vote for a president on what system his website is running on...

Anonymous 2004-11-02 02:39am - No Email - Logged IP: unknown

No idea how i Stumbled upon this site. But I like it :) adding to favorites lol. and relating to the post... Another reason not to vote for bush :-P

Anonymous 2004-11-03 12:50am - No Email - Logged IP: unknown

george w bush rocks my world..and im happy that i voted for him

...i hate IT majors....almost all of them newayz.

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