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Firefox could really use an extension that tells you if the web page you're visiting is valid (X)HTML. Navigating to a page, and then going to W3C to validate the link is ok, but it's sort of slow. Not to mention that it relies on the W3C server being up. If Firefox had some extension that sat in the task bar and showed a green light for a page that has a DOCTYPE and is compliant, or a red light if it's not compliant would be really handy. Ultimately the best would be if Google started ranking pages higher that were valid markup.
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That tool is based on HTML tidy, which is not a true DTD validator and therefore cannot detect all invalid code.

For example, current versions of HTML Tidy will not detect that the , and elements inside a element occur in the wrong order, because HTML Tidy has not been programmed to detect this problem. HTML Tidy fails to fix some other problems. For example, a element cannot contain both an element and a element, but HTML Tidy is not programmed to detect this and the error will go unnoticed. A element may not contain both and elements, nor may it contain both and elements. HTML Tidy ignores these problems too. A must always contain at least one or element, but this is not enforced by HTML Tidy when the also contains other elements.

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