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Review: Toshiba SD-K760

After my last DVD player died I was in the market for a cheap replacement. A friend recommended the Toshiba SD-K760 that was available at Costco for $50. The price was right and my friend's recommendation talked me in to it. I could not have been happier with my purchase!

Not only does it play DVDs flawlessly (it is a DVD player after all), but it also plays DivX, Xvid, and MPEG4 files burned on to either a CD-R or DVD-R. This means I can download just about any video file from the Internet and play it in my DVD player on my big screen. The quality is excellent, and all the features (fast forward, rewind, skip) work just as well on a a file as they do while watching a DVD. After a file is played it automatically loads the next file alphabetically. The player also plays MP3s burned on a disc. You can play music in sequential order, or random. It support folders as well!

The drive seek time is fast, and menus are very responsive. I haven't noticed a layer switch yet, but I may not be looking hard enough. It has all the features you'd expect of a standard DVD player and more. If you're looking for a decent DVD player with some extra bells and whistles you cannot go wrong with the SD-K760.

My only complaints are that the remote is kind of cheap, and it does not have optical audio out. Nothing serious though for a $50 DVD player.
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Replies 2006-11-20 04:59pm - No Email - Logged IP:

You mean a stand-alone right? Not t3h dvd-rom for the computer? I hope so. If not, call me, you can still take it back.

Actually, I am looking for my own. I will take your suggestion under advisement.

Jason 2008-01-04 01:21pm - No Email - Logged IP:

I bought it at Costco too. It worked fine at first, but is now dead. I guess when you pay $50 for a DVD player, you have to expect it to be a throw-away model. I'm on my way to Costco for a replacement. I'll try a different brand than Toshiba though and see what happens. This one lasted less than a year.

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