Oregon Narwhals

As a joke Dan posted the following text on Wikipedia, it was removed within 10 minutes.
A very rare breed of Narwhal has been spotted off the coast of Canby Oregon. Once thought to only be native to the saltwater of the arctic regions, these creatures have mutated and learned to adapt to freshwater climates. Scientists believe that the reason for these new mutations is due to the heavy pollutants of the Willamette River. It has caused them to become larger and much more in touch with the "Force" than their saltwater cousins. Due to the recent siting of these rare creatures, Canby has established "Narwhal Awareness Week" in order to educate the town about these magnificent creatures. Oceanographers strongly caution that if anyone encounters an Oregon Narwhal, do not approach it. They are known to be very aggressive and can take a polar bear in a fight. If attacked by an Oregon Narwhal, then it would be best to cover the genital region since that is what they usually attack. If they touch your balls then seek medical attention immediately.
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That is sick, some people take narwhal consevation seriously!!! I HATE YOUAN

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