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Linux: repeatedly run a command to monitor output

If you need to repeatedly run a command and view the output changes over time then check out my script. I was watching a RAID array rebuild slowly and needed a way to see the progress over time.

Usage: [--delay 15] [--line 3] command

Run my_command every 15 seconds: --delay 15 'my_command | grep stuff'

Filter output to only line 2: --line 2 'ping -c 1'

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Linux date manipulation

The date command in Linux is very powerful for converting dates and times. If you have a given time in another timezone, or even UTC, you can convert it to your local timezone with this command:

date -d '2008-05-13 14:00 UTC'

If you want to convert a given time into unixtime just use a date format:

date +%s -d '2008-05-13 14:00 UTC'
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