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PHP: Sanitize a string down to printable characters

I needed a function to make strings into usuable URL identifiers. This function will take an input string and replace all non-url friendly characters with underscores.

function string_sanitize(string $str) {
    // Replace any non-word chars with underscores
    $str = preg_replace("/[\W_]+/", "_", $str);
    // Remove any leading/trailing underscores that are leftover
    $str = trim($str, "_");

    return $str;
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Perl: Count number of a specific character in a string

I needed to count how many * characters were in a string, so I wrote this simple function.

sub char_count {
    my ($needle,$str) = @_;
    my $len = length($str);
    my $ret = 0;

    for (my $i = 0; $i < $len; $i++) {
        my $found = substr($str,$i,1);

        if ($needle eq $found) { $ret++; }

    return $ret;

You can also write it using tr:

sub char_count {
    my ($needle,$haystack) = @_;
    my  $count = $haystack =~ tr/$needle//;

    return $count;
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Perl: Count occurrences of substring

I needed a quick way to count the number of times a substring appears in a larger string.

$count = @{[$haystack =~ /$needle/g]};

Updated: This is a more clear solution:

my $count = scalar(split(/$needle/,$haystack)) - 1;

Lots of good options found in the comments though.

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