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PHP: Using __halt_compiler()

PHP has a mechanism that allows you stop the compiler on a given line. This allows you to put non-PHP code after that line without affecting your code. You can put data, JSON, HTML, etc after the __halt_compiler() line and then read it with your script. Here is a simple function that reads the text after your __halt_compiler()

// Borrowed from
function get_halt_str() {
    return file_get_contents(__FILE__, false, null, __COMPILER_HALT_OFFSET__ + 1);

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Perl: The __DATA__ construct

Perl has a unique feature where if it sees a line that contains __DATA__ the parser will stop there as if the file ended. This allows you put non-perl code after your __DATA__ line: text, json, HTML, etc. Perl will even allow you to read the text after the __DATA__ like it's a normal file handle. This function will read all the text after your __DATA__ block.

sub get_data_str {
    local $/ = undef; # Slurp mode
    return readline(DATA);

Note: Perl also recognizes __END__ but that text is not readable.

See also: PHP version

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