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RSYSLOG: Send email notifications

I want to monitor my log files for a specific line, and if found send an e-mail alert. Rsyslog has this built in, and it works great. I put the following config in /etc/rsyslog.g/dhcp-watch.conf and now I get an email if a specific DHCP subnet is used.

# If we give out DHCP for a specific network send an alert email
$ModLoad ommail


$template mailSubject,"DHCP Poll activity on %hostname%"
$template    mailBody,"DHCP Activity on the VLAN 873 pool\r\n\r\n%msg%"

$ActionMailSubject mailSubject

# Only send an email every 15 minutes
$ActionExecOnlyOnceEveryInterval 900

# This if/then must all be on one line
if $msg contains 'DHCPOFFER on 10.1.9.' then :ommail:;mailBody
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