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Linux: Fedora 25 major package versions
Fedora 25 has these versions of some core packages: |Package|Version | |-------|--------| |Apache |2.4.23 | |GCC |6.2.1 | |Kernel |4.8.6 | |Perl |5.24.0 | |PHP |7.0.12 | |Vim |7.4.1989|
CentOS: Multiple static IPV6 addresses
I needed to apply multiple static IPV6 addresses to a single interface under Fedora/CentOS. To do this you'll need to add an `IPV6ADDR_SECONDARIES` line to your `/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0` so that it looks like this: ```nohighlight IPV6_DEFAULTGW=2001:db8::1 IPV6_AUTOCONF=no IPV6ADDR=2001:db8::50/64 ...
Linux: Fedora 22 major package versions
Fedora 22 has been released and I gathered the versions of some core packages: |Package|Version| |-------|-------| |Perl |5.20.2 | |PHP |5.6.9 | |Vim |7.4.640| |Apache |2.4.12 | |Kernel |4.0.4 |
Fedora: Force memcached to only listen on
I've been toying with memcached lately and wanted to ensure that it was only listening on On Fedora this is controlled by the file `/etc/sysconfig/memcached`. Make sure that the OPTIONS line contains `-l`. ```bash $ cat /etc/sysconfig/memcached PORT="11211" USER="memcached" MAXCONN="1024" CACHESIZE="64" OPTIONS="-l...
Linux: Fedora 21 major package versions
Fedora 21 looks like it will ship with following package versions: |Package|Version| |-------|-------| |Perl |5.18.4 | |PHP |5.6.2 | |Vim |7.4.475| |Firefox|33.0 | |Apache |2.4.10 |
Fedora desktop RPM list
Quick list of RPMs I install on my desktop after a fresh Fedora install. ``` yum install dstat filelight firefox gkrellm mc ncdu nmap openvpn perl-core pidgin pv qalculate-kde screen thunderbird vim-enhanced perl-App-cpanminus ``` Server: ``` yum install dstat mc ncdu nmap perl-core pv screen...