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Cisco: Change IPV6 SLAAC lifetimes
The default IPV6 valid lifetime for a SLAAC configured address is 30 days, and preferred lifetime is 7 days. You can change these lifetimes with this command: ``` conf t int vlan 568 ipv6 nd prefix default 86400 14400 ``` This can be used to effectively "time-out" an auto-configured address.
CentOS: Multiple static IPV6 addresses
I needed to apply multiple static IPV6 addresses to a single interface under Fedora/CentOS. To do this you'll need to add an `IPV6ADDR_SECONDARIES` line to your `/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0` so that it looks like this: ```nohighlight IPV6_DEFAULTGW=2001:db8::1 IPV6_AUTOCONF=no IPV6ADDR=2001:db8::50/64 IPV6ADDR_SECONDARIES="2001:db8::40/64 2001:db8::30/64" ...
PHP: IPV6 reverse DNS entries
Reverse DNS ([PTR]( entries in IPV6 are different than their IPV4 counterparts. To create an IPV6 reverse entry, you have to: fully expand the address, reverse it, and add a period between each character. For example: `2001:db8::60` reverses to ``. I wrote a simple PHP...